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Communication Consulting Company
specialized in Fintechs and international communication with focus on Europe and Latin America

You started out small, fast, and perhaps even crazy.

Your vision is big, but do they see it? 

We can help them - and you.

Together we can boil it down to the bare essentials.

And tune out the noise.

Let us make the introductions. 

They'll be glad to know you.

It all starts with that one great idea...

And it all ends when we achieve your ultimate objectives.

We are the creative force in your corner.

Consulting Services 

The perfect mix of german structure with a Latin heartbeat 

We're told time and time again - our clients choose us because we get it.

And that's something we're rather proud of.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Corporate Communication

that gets to the point 

No matter whether it´s internal or external communication you need help with, we help you optimize your interaction with various stakeholders such as employees, investors, the media and the general public, government agencies, customers... you name it!

Personal Branding

to match your company 

Now more than ever in today’s social and connected world, a personal brand has become a necessity. Google Analytics, curating and scheduling content, social listening… That is where we come in, there is no one-size-fits-all secret tool combination for success. We make sure - you have the perfect fit!

Public and

Diplomatic Affairs 

Public and diplomatics affairs should form a key part of your public relations strategy. Whether you need stakeholder engagement guidance, crisis communications support or even campaign advice, OMZ has your back.

Digital Marketing

that connects you to your ideal audience 

Consumers heavily rely on digital means to research products. Social media strategy, content marketing, optimizing your SEO., endorse goods, services, and brands at a high level with digital marketing.

We help you achieve your true potential in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.

Public Relations

to show your best side 

Increase your brand’s credibility, attract your target market and provide added value to your company.

We help you use Public Relations as a powerful management tool for you to reach your business objective and build the business's image and presence to make you stand out. 

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